The Message of Gethsemane

04-03-2016This Week in Vidi DominumJohn Lowrey, Parishioner and Nullity Coordinator

A week after Easter, John Lowery reflects on the sacrifice Jesus willingly accepted and what it reveals about who exactly Jesus is.

How many times in our lives do we make the small, simple decision of which way to go, which way to turn our feet? On one night, a man made that same decision, and the fate of all of mankind rested on his choice. The man had lain on the ground and prayed, and now he pressed his fingers into the sandy soil of the garden, and stood up. We can be sure that he could hear the sounds of soldiers coming toward him. He knew what was about to happen to him, to his body: he was going to give himself over to others to do with as they will and there can be almost nothing more abhorrent to a human than that thought; they would put their hands on him to take him and torture him and kill him. Not only did he have that reality to face, but he had the fate and the weight of the entire 4 world on his shoulders. Who was this poor soul?