Holy Matrimony!

The Holy Matrimony! Ministry helps build the domestic church by offering Date Nights one Friday a month for married and engaged couples.

Date Nights may include prayer, presentations from dynamic and insightful speakers or other activities and reflections meant to help strengthen your marriage. Light refreshments are served and childcare is provided.

The Beauty of a Great Marriage

Great marriages are like strong trees that withstand the storms of nature and flourish to become great symbols of God's loving plan for us.

A strong foundation based on God's plan for marriage and practical relationship skills are like a strong root system that nourishes and supports the tree. The marriage group provides opportunities to both learn God's plan and discuss with other couples how to implement that plan on a day to day basis.

Trees become stronger and withstand harsher conditions when they are near other trees that can buffer them and support them. The same is true for us. Alone, we can become vulnerable, but a strong support system not only protects us but also helps us flourish.

Mature trees bear beautiful fruit giving witness to the dignity of the tree. Mature and healthy marriages bear witness to the beauty of the Sacrament of Marriage and become a true sign to everyone of God's love.

What is a Great Marriage?

We all long for a great marriage with a dynamic loving relationship. Before we married, we dreamed of sharing the memorable moments of life with our best friend and having a partner to journey through the difficult times with side by side.

Wives long for deep loving intimacy as they share their personal interests and build strong relationships connecting them with their husbands. In a great marriage a wife knows her husband is constantly trying to show his love for his wife with romantic gestures and words throughout the day

Husbands long to know that their efforts are valued and appreciated. Men have a God given need to go out from themselves and make a mark on the world and at the end of the day know that their wives honor and respect them.

A great marriage creates a lifetime of love, a love that is deeper and stronger every year of our life. These are the desires of our heart

How Do You Create a Great Marriage?

The bad news is that great marriages don't just happen. Great marriages are created by husbands and wives that value an exceptional relationship and are willing to put in the effort and energy to make them happen.

If there is a formula for a great marriage, it would look something like this:

  • Learn from others that have great marriages what they do
  • Learn God's plan for marriage and love
  • Develop practical relationship skills like communication, conflict resolution and meeting each others needs
  • Associate with other couples who are working to build a great marriage
  • Put it all into practice on a daily basis

The Date Night Program helps couples do all of this. The Marriage Group meets on a monthly basis for enrichment, fellowship and prayer.

A Message from Father

"I encourage all married and engaged couples in our parish to participate in Covenant of Love Date Nights. The future of our parish and church depends upon the strength of our families and the example of Christian husbands and wives. Join Couples of Faith for friendship and study while you strengthen your marriage and your relationship with our Lord."

Fr. Will, St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church

What Participants are saying who have participated in other dioceses.

"We like meeting and spending time with other couples that value marriage. We like that the environment is set up to make it feel like a date night and we also like that it includes engaged couples that are preparing for marriage."

Mike & Lorraine R.

"We really enjoy the Date Nights. The topics are varied and always interesting and the speakers have been wonderful. Even though we've been married for 52 years, the discussions have presented us with new insights and have inspired us in our Christian marriage. We also enjoy the social aspect and have met some very nice people."

Dick & Sally K