“Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?” Dinner Group Ministry

GWCTD – “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” is a ministry whose purpose is to build a strong Catholic Community through our social group gatherings and the small In-Home dinner settings.  This is a Christian way to open our homes to fellow parishioners and allow us to share a meal, meet new friends and develop our Catholic Community.

Our main purpose is to create & build Christian friendships & community.  We have built many strong friendships since the group was formed many years ago, and my goal is to keep this fellowship growing! 

Phyllis Naujokaitis, GWCTD Coordinator

How It Works! 

We will have a season opening group luncheon for our 2019/2020 dinners on Saturday, October 12, from 12:00-3:00pm.  It is open to all interested adults, singles as well as couples. At the opening luncheon, we will set up a schedule for small in-home dinners each month, November-April, the second Saturday of each month at 6:00 PM.  We will conclude the season with a group gathering again in May. 

If you are interested in attending and would like details about the luncheon, or would simply like more information about the group, please email Phyllis (contact info to the right).


GWCTD is open to all adults, singles as well as couples.  At the opening luncheon in October, participants are to sign up as host, co-host, or as helpers in the group gatherings.  Participation by all is crucial to making the ministry a success.


The Coordinator will send out an email to the participants prior to the upcoming dinner.  Participants should respond Yes or No by the RSVP date (Maybe is considered a No).  If a participant doesn’t receive a request by 2 weeks prior to the event, call the coordinator!  Based on the number of responses by the RSVP date, the coordinator will assign diners to a host and notify the hosts of who their guests are, their phone numbers and email addresses.


The host decides what they would like to have for dinner.  They are responsible for the entrée.  By 2 weeks prior to the dinner, they are to notify their guest to bring an appetizer, salad, sides, or dessert.  They will provide the number of guests attending, their address, phone number and directions to their home.   The host will sever water and soft drinks.  If the members would like, they may bring wine or beer.

Except in the case of emergency, participants are not to cancel out of a dinner after being notified of their assignment.  If an emergency should arise, PLEASE offer to deliver the dinner item you were assigned to the host.

Group Gatherings

We will have a group social gathering in October, May and possibly another month if we can arrange the venue.  Participants can sign up to co-host, help set up, or be part of the clean-up crew!