Merry Christmas!

12-25-2022This Week in Vidi DominumFr. Chris Axline

Christ is born to save us and we are filled with joy. I pray that Christmas may fill you with great joy and that your celebrations with family and friends may be safe and life giving. Today God’s great gift to us is made manifest as we now can see Him face to face in Christ made flesh. We now join Mary in that beautiful gaze on her newborn son; a look of tenderness and love that we never want to end as God looks back at us. How beautiful and tender a gaze to look into the eyes of the newborn Christ and see God staring back. Christ already makes a gift of Himself to us as He enters into our brokenness and sin in order to set us free.


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12-11-2022This Week in Vidi Dominum

Eucharistic Adoration, from my personal experience, is truly a glimpse of Heaven in this Earthly life. I felt a tug in my heart that Jesus was calling me to draw closer to Him. Adoration has been a tangible way for me to do just that.

My time in Adoration each week allows me to renew my sense of purpose and a visible reminder that I am loved beyond all measure. It is a time of respite away from the chaos of daily life, a time of reflection of joys and sufferings. It has also given me dedicated time to quiet all the noise that our hurting world wants to impress upon me.