Children’s Sacramental Preparation (Kindergarten-Grade 5)

Preparation for Baptism

If your child is younger than 7 years of age and NOT BAPTIZED, please click the following link to the Baptism parish webpage on how to get started Preparing for the Sacrament of Baptism (Newborns up to age 7).

Children who are 7 years old or older and are not baptized prepare for Baptism, Confirmation, and 1st Communion through RCIC (Rite of Christian Initiation for Children). This is a two-year process. RCIC sessions are held on Sundays immediately after 9:00am Mass (approximately 10:15-11:15am). Some parental and Godparent participation is required including attending parent meetings, retreats, and special activities.

Please register for RCIC classes through the Registration link on the Family Formation page by clicking HERE.

If your child is new to RCIC, please contact the Director of Family Formation, Mary Jane Choi, before registering! She can be reached at or 480-279-6737 Ext. 214.

Preparation for 1st Reconciliation, Confirmation, and 1st Communion

In the Diocese of Phoenix, children normally prepare for 1st Reconciliation in the 2nd grade, and Confirmation and 1st Communion in 3rd grade. This is known as Restored Order and is different from most other dioceses where Confirmation is done when children are older. For further explanation please click the following link: The Restored Order of Sacraments of Initiation - Diocese of Phoenix

Preparation for 1st Reconciliation, Confirmation, and 1st Communion will be provided in the regular Family Faith Formation classes. Please visit the Family Faith Formation page by clicking HERE and register using the link on that page.

Parents of children who are preparing for Sacraments must:

  • Be registered parishioners at St. Mary Magdalene
  • Attend weekly Mass with their children at St. Mary Magdalene
  • Attend Parent Meetings and Sacramental Retreats

Children who are Homeschooled or Attend Private Catholic Schools

If your child is home-schooled or attends a private Catholic School and is in need of Sacraments this year (Reconciliation, Confirmation or First Communion) please inform us by October 15, 2023. You can email the Director of Family Formation, Mary Jane Choi,, or the Assistant Director of Family Formation, Mary Molina, Our policies for these two groups of families will be issued soon.