St. Joseph's Family Fellowship

St. Joseph’s Family Fellowship is designed to support and encourage families in our parish to embrace God's purpose in growing the domestic church in grace and truth. Throughout the year, we will gather as a community to further our faith alongside other families of St. Mary Magdalene.

St. Joseph's Family Fellowship will host events, fundraisers and opportunities for families to spend time together, with God and our Church. Our events will be centered around family life - including ice cream socials, potlucks, service projects, parents night out, playgroups, movie nights, Bible studies and more. By participating in these events, families will meet other parishioners and gain support from each other as they strive to live in holiness.

Building a strong foundation for our families is the mission of St. Joseph’s Family Fellowship. On this foundation, everyday moments of family life turn into extraordinary witnesses of faith. Together we will nurture our children, pass on our faith and establish a community with an abundant love for God.

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