Frequently Asked Baptism Questions

If we are not members of St. Mary Magdalene, can we have our child baptized in your parish?
It is customary for each parish to handle sacraments for their own parishioners. However, if there is a just reason for having your child baptized at St. Mary Magdalene, please contact the Parish Office to discuss the circumstances. Additional documents may be required.

What do we need to do if we wish to have our child baptized in another parish?
If you require a letter of good standing in order to baptize in another parish, first contact the parish you wish to have your child baptized in to learn about their requirements. If you are an active and registered parishioner here at St. Mary Magdalene, a letter can be obtained from the parish on behalf of the pastor, giving you permission to have your child baptized in another Catholic Church. Please contact Jackie Sullivan ( and allow five (5) business days to prepare the letter.

If we, as parents, do not meet all the requirements as expected of Godparents, can we still have our child baptized?
Yes, at your child’s Baptism you are stating publicly that you will raise your child in the Catholic faith. You may want to contact the parish to see what you need to do, as parents, to be in right relationship with the Catholic Church. This may be completing your sacraments, finding out about annulments, or taking care of any other issues. As your parish, we are here to help.

What if, later in our child’s life, the Godparents are no longer qualified as Godparents? Can we take them off the Baptismal certificate?
The certificate is a historical record of what took place so the information cannot be changed. You may wish to have some else support your child in their faith journey, but records do not change.